Professional Summary

Extensive experience setting up, installing, & maintaining a variety of audio equipment. Worked with loudspeakers, amplifiers, soundboards, microphones, & more. Proficient in use of digital & multimedia recording & sound applications. Knowledgeable in the area of audio signal processing.

Worked on producing sound for live shows as well as studio recordings. Detail-oriented & calm even in chaotic or stressful situations. Organized, amiable professional who gets along well with colleagues & clients alike. Passionate about achieving technical excellence with each project. Excited about finding new techniques & approaches for creating unique sounds that clients want & making each production the best it can be.

No Matter What You Require, My Performance Is Sure To Deliver Exactly What You Need.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Professional Summary
  • Excellent microphone technique
  • Proficient in digital technology, including MIDI application, ProTools, DSP, Cool Edit, and a variety of digital mixing software
  • Instrument and voice recording
  • Sound reinforcement, effects, mixing, synthesis
  • Analog and digital sound editing
  • Highly personable, excellent communicator
  • Detail-oriented and thorough
  • Manage all stages of sound recording process.
  • Mixed and edited sound recordings.
  • Set up audio and visual equipment for sound management and recording at various live events in many different settings, from music performances to lectures.
  • Work with clients to define goals and present them with optimal solutions.
  • Ensure great sound quality.
  • Set up and maintain equipment for studio recording sessions.
  • Overcome challenges, such as faulty equipment and noise leakage, to produce great recordings.
  • Use creative approach to coming up with the right sound quality and effects.
  • Supervised equipment set-up to ensure best possible sound quality.
  • Worked with producers and clients to determine goals for recordings and provide needed sound quality.
  • Edited voice and music recording.
  • Added effects and mixed sound.
  • Used digital mixing desks and editing software to achieve highly technical effects.
  • Worked with musician clients to develop top quality recordings.
  • Worked on Foley and Sound design for independent film and games assets.


Hobbies & Interests

Enjoy playing the Online games especially FPS shoots and MMORPGs. Avid hiker and runner, love all kinds of water activities.

Serve as volunteer for local Habitat for Humanity. Volunteer professional skills for local independent film productions in and around south Florida.